ViewSonic VX2460H-LED monitor review:

A great $200 value, despite shoddy build

Movies: I tested the VX2460H-LED using the Blu-ray version of "Avatar." As for presets, Warm was the most appropriate to movie- and TV-watching, with faces carrying an effective amount of life, while not appearing oversaturated. However, there was still a surprisingly noticeable green push still prevalent. I had luck going into User color and adjusting to the following attributes:

Red: 82
Green: 79
Blue: 93
Contrast: 74

Games: When evaluating the look of games on a monitor, the two most important features to consider are vibrancy and color. If the monitor can display games with a bright and vibrant cleanness, this goes a long way. If colors also pop with fullness and depth, games will usually look great.

Games lacked an adequate level of contrast, and colors had a hard time standing out from the screen as a result. Josh Miller/CNET

BioShock Infinite looked descent, but it lacked a level of contrast and color saturation that makes games really pop on higher-end monitors. The same could be said for The Witcher 2, which is a colorful game when I play it at home on a much higher-end monitor but has an overabundance of green and brown here. The games don't look terrible. They just don't look great compared to the way movies look on this monitor and to the way games look on monitors with better panels.

Viewing angle
The optimal viewing angle for a monitor is usually from directly in front, about a quarter of the screen's distance down from the top. At this angle, you're viewing colors as the manufacturer intended. Most monitors aren't designed to be viewed at any other angle. Depending on the monitor's panel type, picture quality at suboptimal angles varies. Most monitors use Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, which get overly bright or overly dark in parts of the screen when not viewed from optimal angles.

The VX2460H-LED uses a TN panel and sports a narrow viewing angle, especially when viewed from the bottom.

The merits of antiglare (AG) screen coating are much debated these days. Some viewers prefer that the coating not be applied at all; others favor only a limited amount. And others are completely indifferent. AG coating doesn't adversely affect a monitor's quality, and its benefits or lack thereof are strictly a matter of preference.

That said, there is a heavy AG coating on the VX2460H-LED's screen, reducing potential reflections while keeping very little of the contrast "pop" that glossy screens enjoy. A fully glossy display can increase the perceived contrast of a monitor screen -- which some people prefer -- but can also make it difficult to see what's on the screen in direct sunlight.

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Brightness (in cd/m2)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Juice box
ViewSonicVX2460H Average watts per hour
On (default luminance) 21.6
On (max luminance) 21.6
On (min luminance) 11.7
Sleep 0.28
Calibrated (200 cd/m2) 20.5
Annual power consumption cost $6.64
Score Good

Service and support
The ViewSonic VX2450wn-LED comes with solid coverage, including a three-year warranty that covers parts, labor, and the backlight. The company offers a 24-7 toll-free technical support phone number and e-mail-based help. However, there is no Web chat support like some other vendors offer. Navigating ViewSonic's Web site and finding drivers and the monitor's user manual was easy.

Although its performance isn't stellar and its build quality isn't of the highest standard, the ViewSonic VX2460H-LED finds some success, depending on your needs. It works great as both a general-purpose monitor and as one you plan to watch a few movies or TV shows on. It's also fine for light gaming, but serious gamers have many more deserving options.

Those on a budget will most assuredly appreciate its bargain-basement $200 price.

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