ViewSonic VP2365wb review:

ViewSonic VP2365wb

Unreal Tournament 3 and World of Warcraft both looked great running at 1,920x1,200 and showed no signs of ghosting or input lag. Compared with the XL2370, the VB2365wb exhibited duller colors--not conducive to gaming.

The optimal viewing angle for a monitor is usually directly in front, about a quarter of the screen's distance down from the top. At this angle, you're viewing the colors and gamma correction as they were intended to be seen. Most monitors are made to be viewed at only that angle. Depending on its panel type, picture quality at nonoptimal angles varies. The ViewSonic was made with an E-IPS panel. IPS panels usually show only minimal color shifts with angle changes. On the VP2365wb, we noticed that the colors shifted at about 45 degrees to the left or right. The screen doesn't darken, like TN panels do, when viewed from below.

We tested the ViewSonic VP2365wb's input lag by connecting it and the Samsung XL2370 in extend mode to the same graphics card, then opening a window, and placing the window so that half of it was on one monitor and half on the other. We then dragged the window up and down, keeping the two halves even. We didn't notice lag from either monitor and the window moved at the same rate.

In the power consumption tests, the ViewSonic VP2365wb drew 40.14 watts in its Default/On mod--more than the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370's 30.09 watts. Based on our formula, the VP2365wb would cost $12.32 per year to run. Compare that with the XL2370's $9.96 per year.

Juice box
ViewSonic VP2365wb Average watts per hour
On (default luminance) 40.14
On (max luminance) 40.14
On (min luminance) 17.69
Sleep 0.5
Calibrated (200 cd/m2) 37.5
Annual power consumption cost $12.32
Score Fair

Brightness (in cd/m2)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Contrast ratio
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Dell G2410
ViewSonic VP2365wb
Dell SP2309W

DisplayMate performance tests
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

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Service and support
The ViewSonic VP2365wb comes with solid coverage, including a three-year warranty that covers parts, labor, and the backlight. The company offers 24-7 toll-free technical support phone number and e-mail-based help. However, there is no Web-chat support like some other vendors offer. Navigating ViewSonic's Web site and finding drivers and the monitor's user manual was easy.

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