Verbatim 1TB MediaShare Home Network Storage Server review:

Verbatim 1TB MediaShare Home Network Storage Server

You also can't create more shared folders, but you can create more subfolder within the two main shared folders mentioned above. Though the "FamilyLibrary" is available to all users by default, each user can access only his or her own private "MyLibrary" and is unable to see other users' private folders.

And admin user can add/change/remove more users and determine whether or not a user has access to the "FamilyLibrary" shared folder. Out of the box, the server supports only three user accounts, a very limited number compared to other NAS servers. To have more users, you will need to opt for the premium MeidaShare service.

The premium service, which is the main feature of the NAS server, unfortunately costs $19.99/year. You do have a 30-day free trial, but that is not long enough for you to really lean about what you can do with the service, considering how sluggish and unintuitive the server's Web interface is.

Apart from increasing the amount of user accounts to unlimited, the premium service allows for secure FTP, accessing and sharing the data stored on the server via a mobile phone, Flickr integration, and the Cooliris 3D interface for photo display. Depending on the type of data, you can view it as a photo album or play back audio and video files. You can also use the service to integrate social Web sites, such as Facebook and Flickr, with the digital content on the NAS server.

The MediaShare comes with a vendor-assisted remote access via the Web site. At the site, a user can sign in and access data stored on the server as well as access the server's Web interface, similar to how it is done via the local network. We tried this out and while it worked as intended, but its initial loading time was rather long--up to a minute. However, the load time depends on the Internet connection at both ends and the router to which the MediaShare is connected to. According to Verbatim, if the router supports UPnP, which most of them do, the performance is better.

Though these options seem appealing, considering many other NAS servers, such as the Synology DS107+ or the HP MediaSmart LX195 , offer similar features for free, we feel the MediaShare feature of the Verbatim is not worth the price and the fact that it allows only three user accounts out of the box is lacking.

The Verbatim MediaShare can handle external hard drives formatted in both FAT32 and NTFS. Once plugged in, the hard drive's content will be immediately shared as a subfolder of the FamilyLibrary and therefore is available to all users. You can also use any of the connected external hard drives as the destination to back up the data stored on the server's internal hard drive, in which case, data stored on the external hard drive will no longer be available to share. Once set up, the server can perform the backing up on its own.

It's a little bit of a different story when you want to use the server as the backup destination of network computers, in which case you are supposed to run the third part of the setup process. Here the software supposedly configures your computer's built-in backup solution to work with the Verbatim.

In our trials, this didn't work out for PCs, as the configuration is designed only for Windows Vista and XP and our test machines run Windows 7. For Macs, however, once the configuration was done, we were able to use Time Machine with the NAS server. The configuration process, again, involved many little steps.

All things considered, at its current stage we feel the Verbatim should be used only as a simple network storage device. We hope a firmware update will make the server easier to set up and use.

If the Verbatim's feature set let us down, its performance made up for it well. The NAS server delivered in our testing.

In our write test, the Verbatim scored 224.4Mbps, which is about average among single-volume NAS servers. In read test, however, it excelled with 435.1Mbps, which was the fastest by a significant margin. The second fastest, the LG N1T1, for example, scored only 387.5Mbps.

As mentioned above, the Verbatim MediaShare also stayed cool and quiet even during heavy loads.

CNET Labs NAS performance scores (Via wired Gigabit Ethernet connection)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Vebatim MediaShare (Single Volume)
LG N1T1 (Single Volume)

Service and support
Verbatim backs the 1TB MediaShare Home Network Storage Serve with a three-year warranty, which is much longer than that of most other NAS servers, which come with only a one-year warranty. The company's technical phone support is available Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT. At the company's Web site, you'll find downloads of the setup guide, the manual, and so on.

What you'll pay

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