Ultimate Ears 700 (Dark Silver) review:

Ultimate Ears 700 (Dark Silver)

We feel shortchanged by the lack of a remote control and microphone on the 46-inch long cord, and it's a surprising oversight by Logitech given the number of users who listen to music on Android and iOS smartphones. Since neither of those devices has a tactile button that lets you change tracks manually, the omission of an in-line remote may dissuade potential owners of these earbuds looking for hands-free music navigation.

Performance Music lovers shopping for a headphone to highlight the instrumental nuances of their collection will appreciate the Ultimate Ears 700's balanced dual-armature drivers that combine two separate speakers into each earbud. This design effectively creates a wider frequency of sound, giving your ears access to more aural detail and brings out the natural bass and treble characters of your music.

The passive crossover network built into the design routes each sound to the driver best fitting of its flavor and is essentially the same technology used for premium in-ear monitors. Audiophiles will prefer the natural element of sound they provide over alternative buds that intentionally overpower the low-end to appease the younger, head-bobbing market, but that doesn't mean the Ultimate Ears 700's can't reproduce the same booming bass notes.

You'll still hear the same punchy emphasis, but the 700 headphones allow each instrument and vocal track to shine individually with more distinctive color and clarity, faithful to the original audio mix. You may react critically at first to the smooth sheen of the Ultimate Ears if you're used to the low-end impact of assisted headphones like the Monster Turbine Pro In-ear Speakers, but we're sure you'll grow to appreciate the greater headroom and wider frequency response that this set offers in comparison.

Logitech lowered the price of the Ultimate Ears 700 to $150 when it took over the company a few years back, which makes these headphones some of the most affordable dual-driver earbuds on the market right now. You'll notice a big difference in sound if you're upgrading from the stock headphones that came with your music player, and as long as you don't mind the lack of a remote control on the cord, the Ultimate Ears 700 headphones won't disappoint.

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