Uebo S400 Connected Storage NAS server review:

Uebo S400 Connected Storage NAS server

Apart from the ability to download files on its own--with support for BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP sites, including those that require authentication--the S400 doesn't offer any other special features for home users. For business users, it also supports iSCSI, an increasingly popular feature among NAS servers in which a portion of the server's storage can be used in place of a computer's local hard drive.

Other than that, the S400 is rather spartan in terms of features. It supports file sharing in both Windows and Mac OSes. You can browse for it using a network browser such as Windows Explorer, and once connected it automatically appears in a Mac's Finder. The server doesn't offer support for Time Machine, however.

The Uebo S400 manages storage access via regular user accounts. Once an account is created, the credentials (username and password) will be prompted for the first time you try to access the server. Unfortunately, user access restriction dictates either full access or no access to a share folder--there's no "read-only" access.

The way the server handles share folders is esoteric. Before you can create a share folder, you'll need to make a virtual partition for it. This partition can later be expanded but not shrunk. This means if you happen to make one that takes up the server's entire storage space, you'll likely be in trouble if you want to do more with the server. For example, if you now want to have more than one share folder so you can use some restrictions for data privacy, you'll first need to remove the existing virtual partition (and hence lose all the information stored on it) and then create smaller ones. This is a real hassle, as you need to plan far ahead in terms of how many virtual partitions you think you'll want. Note that if you want to use the iSCSI feature, it also requires a virtual partition of its own. It would be much better if you could make more than one share folder on one virtual partition.

The server supposedly has media-streaming capability. However, when we tried it out we couldn't get it to work and none of our streamers was able to detect the server as a streaming source.

All in all, we found that the Uebo S400 works best as a simple network storage device that hosts files and backups for other computers in the network, and users shouldn't expect more from it.

We tested the Uebo S400 server with both RAID 5 and RAID 0, and the server's performance was on par with recent four-bay NAS servers we've reviewed. Still, for the price, we wished it were faster.

In tests with RAID 5--which is the recommended setup for a balance between performance, storage space, and data safety--the server scored 31.1MBps for writing and 41.3MBps for reading. These are decent numbers, though noticeably behind the 43.36MBps and 105.38MBps of the DS410 for writing and reading, respectively.

In tests with RAID 0, which focuses on performance and maximum storage space at the expense of data safety, the S400 did better, with 40.9MBps and 52MBps for writing and reading, respectively. Still, again, these numbers, though slightly faster than those of some other servers, are still much behind those of the DS410.

Though it didn't blow us away, the S400's performance is fast enough for even heavy file sharing and backups as well as media streaming. The NAS performed quite well in our testing, although it was rather noisy, even in an environment with a high level of ambient noise like our lab.

CNET Labs NAS Performance Scores (in MBps)
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Service and support
Uebo indicates in the S400's Quick Installation Guide that support for the server is available at http://www.uebo.net/support, but you'll find a 404 error following that link. Instead, you should go to Uebo's main Web site and click on the Support tab. There, you'll find downloads of the firmware update, the manual, and other support materials. Uebo backs the S400 with a standard one-year warranty. The company's toll-free support line is available from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT.

In conclusion, a few years ago, the Uebo S400 Connected Storage NAS server would have been a great product based on its decent performance. In the current market, however, the S400's lack of features, its less-than-robust interface, its poorly written instructions, and its hefty price make it hard for us to recommend it for any environments.

What you'll pay

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