Uebo M200 Media Player review:

Uebo M200 Media Player

Like most of the same products in this category, the M200 can also access devices on the same network and then stream them to your television. If you're planning on using the M200 with a wireless connection, you'll have to spring for the optional wireless USB dongle which ultimately monopolizes one of the three ports. We're still believers in wired connections for products like these and only recommend going wireless if it's an absolute necessity.

The M200 can also act conversely, making itself the server. In addition, the device comes loaded with a Web-based interface easily accessible from any browser on a home network.

The M200 also offers something unique in terms of Internet functionality. The Uebo is one of the first products with a built-in BitTorrent client. However, the use of it relies solely on having an internal hard drive installed. Unfortunately, it does not seem that you can load a torrent file onto a thumb drive and download from that. You'll need to load the torrent file on the internal drive, and only then can you actually download.

While it's certainly an unexpected-yet-welcome feature, we really wish it was accessible through other connected devices (like an external mass-storage hard drive). If you don't plan on purchasing an internal 3.5-inch SATA drive, this feature is useless.

We should also note that during our review we updated the system's firmware to the most current state--the version with which it will ship to stores. While this wasn't the smoothest of operations, the whole thing took only 10 minutes. We wished the M200 were a little more transparent with the update process, but should you be involved in such an upgrade, we definitely recommend backing up any vital information.

When comparing directly to the Seagate Free Agent GoFlex TV or Western Digital TV Live Plus, we'd recommend the M200 to the DIY crowd; especially when taking into consideration the amount of customization that's possible with a user-installed 3.5-inch SATA drive. If that type of setup doesn't sound like something you'd be interested in, the comparatively priced Western Digital and Seagate products are a bit more commercialized and less rough around the edges.

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