Elephants, giraffes and penguins: Jimu robot sets make a motorized zoo (hands-on)


A lot of robotics sets for kids contain tiny bricks that are complicated to put together and easy to lose. The Jimu Robot from UBTech (pronounced YOO-bee-teck) targets kids as young as 8 with a robotics kit that contains color-coded parts.

Coming to stores in late January or early February and ranging from $100 to $200 (about £70 to £135 or AU$140 to AU$285), the Jimu kits contain instructions for building complete robo-sets. For example, the kit for younger kids has you building a giraffe, trumpeting elephant and penguin -- but industrious tykes can off-road and build anything they want.


This elephant trumpets its robo-trunk and it's awesome.

Josh Miller/CNET

You'll be able to control your handiwork with and app for iOS and Android.

I like the concept because I'm a sucker for build-it-yourself things like this, but even as a doting aunt, I'd probably be more inclined to drop the money on a set if the kid in my life already showed an interest in moving parts.

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