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Tumblr app review:

Microblogging from your smartphone just got easier

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The Good The Tumblr app is clean and easy to navigate with more ways to post and discover content from your smartphone. You can now create a blog directly from within the app.

The Bad You'll still need to use HTML tags to format stylized text in your posts.

The Bottom Line The newly updated Tumblr finally lets you blog directly, giving you more options for posting to the social network from your smartphone.


CNET Editors' Rating

8.0 Overall
  • Setup 9.0
  • Features 7.0
  • Interface 8.0
  • Performance 9.0

The newly updated Tumblr app (iOS|Android) makes it easy to post directly from your smartphone. While you could edit blogs before, you can now create a blog and post it from within the app.

This wasn't true in previous versions, but Tumblr now has several feature changes that let you create posts and add to group blogs, as well as many other tweaks that make the app a better hub for the social network.

Tumblr occupies the space between long-form blogs and shorter content services like Twitter, letting you add photos, videos and text in your own personal space. Like Twitter, you can follow other people and repost content you like to get it more exposure. But you also can tag content and search for subjects that interest you.

With these latest updates, you can do much more with Tumblr making the app another avenue for getting involved with the social network.

Navigating the interface

The Tumblr app interface gives you a Home screen with the latest posts from the people you follow and buttons across the bottom for navigation. The home button sits in the lower left so you can always get back to the latest posts.

When you touch the magnifying glass icon for search, the Tumblr app lists trending topics with thumbnails at the top so you can swipe horizontally to see what's hot. Below that are a bunch of recommended blogs curated by the folks at Tumblr and you can touch the follow button in the upper right of each post to follow that user. When starting out, this is the best place to be because you can browse to find things that interest you then follow so you can see the latest posts.

When performing a search, the Tumblr app lists trending posts along with recommended posters. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Posting to Tumblr

The app continues to get easier to use with every version when you want to post something, with a button in the bottom center that brings up the different types of posts. You can write a text blog, upload a photo, share a quote, post a link, start a conversation, or post a video. All these post types are represented by six icons so you can pick and post quickly.

To the right of the post button is a button where you can check your profile. Here you can track all of this posts and content you've "liked" in the past, see the people you are following, and adjust the app settings.

Finally, the button in the lower right shows you the latest activity on your posts. Here you'll see whether people have liked your posts or reblogged them, and you can see your newest followers.

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