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Trimble Outdoors (Verizon Wireless) review:

Trimble Outdoors (Verizon Wireless)

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We tested Trimble Outdoors on the Verizon G'zOne Boulder--the two make a nice match given the Boulder's rugged design and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. We first tried out the application on a walk from San Francisco's Marina District to the Golden Gate Bridge. The user interface leaves much to be desired and could use an updated look. Also, some of the Trip Manager menu system wasn't the most intuitive.

The Boulder was able to find our location within a minute so we set off on our walk and instructed Trimble Outdoors to track our movements. We liked that we could see our speed, heading, location, and distance on the external display, but unfortunately, the phone lost its GPS fix twice so we had to restart the tracking, pretty much wiping out an accurate recording of the trip.

We fared much better on our second trip from the Marina District to CNET's downtown headquarters. The phone was able to keep a GPS fix the whole way, and we marked several points of interest along the route. When we got into the office, we uploaded the trip information to the Trimble's Web site. The process went smoothly (we were also able to download trips from the phone with no problem), but we were surprised at what we saw on the screen. As we experienced with the Trimble GPS Pack, when our tracks were transposed onto a map, it inaccurately showed that we had walked all crooked, sometimes back and forth and even, according to the computer, through buildings. While amusing at first, if we were using this to track back to a POI or starting point, it wouldn't be so funny.

According to Trimble, we can walk through buildings.

The concept and goal of Trimble Outdoors is good, but there need to be some improvements in terms of accuracy. It may be fine if you're familiar with the territory and just want to keep track of miles logged, points of interest, and such, but if you're completely new to an area, we wouldn't feel comfortable recommending Trimble as your only navigation solution.

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