Toshiba LX835-D3380 review:

A speedy, comfortable all-in-one PC from Toshiba

Cinebench 11.5
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Toshiba LX835-D3380 (2.4GHz Core i7, November 2012)

What's nice about this Toshiba is that it demonstrates a noticeable performance edge over PCs that cost just $100 less. You still need to endure the Windows 8 learning curve with this PC, and a 7,200rpm hard drive, or better, a hybrid drive option would give this system more credibility among those with serious speed demands. But unlike the other lower-cost Windows 8 desktops we've seen since launch, the Toshiba LX835 would make an acceptable mainstream gaming or video-editing computer.

Toshiba hits most of the required notes for this PC's connectivity options. You get six USB 3.0 jacks, an SD card slot, analog audio and headphone jacks, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI input, and an array of hard controls for adjusting the volume, the display input, and display brightness. A digital audio output or even a Thunderbolt port wouldn't be unheard of in a Windows PC in this price range, but I would be happy to trade any of those for the upgrade to the Core i7 CPU.

Aside from making you learn Windows 8, the Toshiba LX835-D3380 should feel familiar to anyone who has purchased a new PC in the last few years. Its fast Core i7 chip provides some distinguishing speed, and you'll have to adjust to a recalibrated PC price scale, but this system has commodity desktop written all over it. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, particularly if it means a comfortable experience. For those who pick this system up, that's exactly what you'll get.

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System configurations
Apple iMac 21.5-inch (November 2012)
Apple OS X Mountain Lion 10.8; 2.7GHz Intel Core i5-3330S; 8GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 512MB Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics card; 1TB 5,400rpm hard drive

Asus ET2300INTI
Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit); 3GHz Intel Core i5-3330; 8GB 1,333MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 630M graphics card; 1TB 7,200rpm hard drive

Toshiba LX835-D3380
Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit); 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM; 8GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 630M graphics card; 2TB 5,400rpm hard drive

Vizio CA24T-A4
Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit); 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-3210M; 6GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 32MB Intel HD Graphics 4000 (embedded); 1TB 5,400rpm hard drive

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