ThinkSound TS02 review:

ThinkSound TS02

The cable is on the thin side, but it's quite flexible and the gold-plated straight-plug is surrounded by a thick housing for reinforcement. Still, the wire does have a tendency to tangle and catch on things, and the junction of the cord and earpieces seems fragile. We have some concerns for durability.

Like other wood earbuds we've listened to, the TS01 earphones offered a more natural sound during testing, with more resonance than you might experience from plastic or metal 'buds. However, these weren't quite as open-sounding as the Woodees, likely because the earpieces are quite a bit smaller. Also, because there is such a heavy emphasis on the low-end, there can be some distortion issues with some tracks, especially those that are encoded in a poor-quality format. In some cases, highs didn't provide the shimmer we were after, but this wasn't an issue across the board for all tracks.

All in all, we found music to be fairly balanced, with warm and encompassing mids and reasonably detailed highs. The bass is really the star here, though. It was amazingly enveloping and deep for many songs, specifically Dreas' deep electronic track "Navigation Light." In particular, we really enjoyed dance pop, hip-hop, and electronica through these, so if those are the genres you tend to like, the TS01 earbuds are a good choice.

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