The Room Two review:

Even better than the award-winning original

The notes and letters you find uncover more of the storyline, but also sometimes include specific clues to be used in the room you're presently in. In other words, just as with the objects in the game, it pays to closely examine the letters and notes for more clues that might help you solve the puzzle.

Utterly engrossing
I experienced this in the original game, and it holds true for the sequel as well: this game sucks you in like few others.

As you examine beautifully designed boxes for levers and hidden panels while listening to the howling wind outside, along with occasional mysterious whispering voices, it's easy to get lost in this game. The graphics are so smooth that the objects in the game seem almost real, and the sound design only adds to the effect. When you add to that the cleverly written letters that give you bits and pieces of the storyline at a slow trickle, what results is a world that almost completely envelops you as you play. Simply put, not many games pay this close attention to nearly every detail.

The Room Two
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When you open a box, you never know what you might find. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

My only problem with The Room Two is the same problem I had with the first one: the camera zooming in some areas can be a little frustrating. It's clear that certain objects are meant only to be viewed in specific ways, so when you try to rotate around some objects to have a look, it's simply not possible. In a game like this where every detail is important, you're going to try everything to see every nook and cranny of the room. But unfortunately, you'll quickly run into invisible walls that block your curious nature. It's not something that really takes away from the rest of game, but just note that it can get mildly frustrating.

I loved the original The Room, but found it a bit too short. The Room Two improves on almost every aspect of the original, with better graphics, more puzzles to solve, and more of the same thrilling storytelling.

Though I was a little annoyed by the camera zoom effects, my complaints are really nothing when compared with everything that is great about this sequel.

If you were a fan of the original game or like the idea of losing yourself in a incredibly well-designed puzzle-solving mystery, The Room Two is one of the best available and could be a model for what a quality iOS game should be.

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