Tenba Mini Photo/Laptop Messenger Bag review:

Tenba Mini Photo/Laptop Messenger Bag

The top flap has a zipper which allows you to pull out the camera without opening the bag, a feature I really like. Unfortunately, you can't use it as a way to quickly remove the laptop at a security checkpoint, at least not a full 13-inch model.

The body side of the bag has a large, padded zippered compartment with nylon stitched pockets inside for pens, business cards, and so on. It's big enough to hold some random paperwork, and in a pinch I've squeezed my tablet in there as well.

A supposedly waterproof fabric covers the bottom, though I haven't been brave enough to put that to the test, and side loops are intended to hold small Tenba add-ons like a water bottle pouch or media wallet. The shoulder strap extends long enough for me to sling the bag across my body and have it settle comfortably below my hip. I have mixed thoughts about the strap and handle. The hooks and rings of the hardware operate smoothly with no tangling and seem sturdily constructed. The strap, however, composed of grosgrain webbing and a rough shoulder pad, and the handle feel a bit cheap. I think in a year that strap will really show some wear. But overall the whole system seems to balance the bag's weight really well, making it one of the most comfortable messenger bags I've ever carried.

I obviously have some quibbles about aspects of the bag, including it having no designated place for a substantial set of keys (I ended up dropping them in a divider section) and the way the plastic flap clips flop noisily, unused. But overall it's a great, multifunctional bag that's equally useful for carrying large dSLR accoutrements and compact ILC kits.

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