Targus Premium Laptop Charger review:

Targus Premium Laptop Charger

Toward the end of the cable is a small splitter that matches the look of the charger. That splitter has a pair of 6-inch cables coming from it, each terminating in a proprietary connector for attaching tips. This is where the Targus Charger scores big. Not only can you charge two things at once, but if you have something other than a laptop that needs power, you're set. Just pop on the tip and plug in. You don't need to carry a bunch of chargers with you, only a couple extra tips. And with the company's Tips from Targus program, you can request additional tips free of charge; you only need register the charger with Targus to qualify and pay for shipping, which is about $4.

As for power, the adapter is rated from 10 to 24 volts at up to 4.75 amps. The maximum power supplied is 90 watts. That allows it to charge most thin-and-light and ultraportable notebooks--the ones that most people will likely be traveling with. Larger mainstream and desktop replacement laptops generally need more juice, so be sure to check your needs before you buy this charger. This input information can typically be found labeled on the underside of a laptop. We tested the Targus Premium Laptop Charger on a number of mainstream systems and it never failed to work, as long as we used the proper tip and the power demands were within the charger's range.

The Targus Premium Laptop Charger is a spot-on portable power solution for mobile devices. It's small, reasonably lightweight, and about as attractive as a power supply is going to get. Its power cord will be a bit short for some users and the tips detach a little too easily from the cord, but those are really the only issues. Targus' free tips policy is an excellent bonus, too, giving this use beyond the life of your current laptop and other mobile devices.

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