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TackForm C-Fit Multi-Surface mount review:

Sticky C-Fit mount holds your phone in style

TackForm C-Fit Multi-Surface mount
The bright red trim is more eye-catching, but I prefer the black model's ability to blend in with most dashboards. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

The C-Fit holds your phone in place with a spring-loaded, C-shaped claw. The interior of the claw is covered in ribbed rubber to increase grip and protect your phone's finish. The rubber is colored black or red to match the glossy cover of the mounting arm. The claw has a few degrees of tilt articulation and can be freely rotated, thanks to its ball-joint connection to the mounting arm. The assembly can also be locked in place by tightening a ring on its back panel.

Inserting your phone is as simple as, well, jamming it in there. I found this to be tricky to do one-handed. However, after a bit of practice using this type of grip, wedging the phone in and popping it out became second nature. TackForm says the mount can grip devices from 2.2 inches to 3.4 inches wide. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus fit nicely in the C-Fit's grip, as did the Apple iPhone 5. Samsung's large-screened Galaxy S3 also fit, but I felt it approached the width limits of the gripping claw.

In sum
If you've already read the Bracketron Mi-T Grip review, my assessment of the TackForm C-Fit Multi-Surface mount may seem like deja vu. That's because the devices are practically identical. They use the same C-shaped gripping arm and the same tacky suction cup mount -- look closely at the suction cup and you'll see the same patent number. So the devices' strengths and weaknesses are pretty much the same.

TackForm C-Fit Multi-Surface mount
The TackForm C-Fit is a grippy, universal mount with a stylish flair. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

The TackForm C-Fit is simple, effective, and -- perhaps most importantly -- a flexible way to hold your phone in place while you navigate or listen to music when driving. I love that it sticks firmly to most dashboards, allowing me to mount my phone close at hand for quick interactions with navigation and audio apps, yet out of my sight lines when the vehicle is in motion.

If I had to make one complaint, it would be about that wide, plastic mounting-arm cover. It attracts more attention than I think a mounting arm should, and it obstructs the suction cup when it's time to move or reposition the TackForm C-Fit mount. However, for semipermanent mounting, where you're not constantly placing and removing it, this isn't so much a negative as it is a nitpick.

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