Sun-Sniper Strap-Surfer review:

Leash your camera to a bag

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Sun-Sniper's mount is simple but effective, with a built-in thumbscrew.

It's also tricky to set the strap length appropriately. Too long and it dangles farther than I'm comfortable with; too short and there isn't enough give to bring a camera up to my eye without dragging the weight of the bag up with it or to stash the camera inside the bag. On the other hand, the weight of the bag adds a stabilizing counterbalance to reduce camera shake.

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The biggest problem with the Strap-Surfer is finding the right tradeoff in strap length: long enough to pull the camera to your face but short enough that it doesn't dangle halfway down your leg when not in use.

For people who carry around a standalone lens bag, the Strap-Surfer might be a nice option if you'd prefer not to load your neck up with straps.

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