SoundHound for Android review:

A powerful namer-of-tunes for Android

The beauty of SoundHound is that once it identifies the song in question, it returns so much more than just a song title, artist name, and album. The results page -- while it may not be clean or attractive as I would like -- shows off an impressive amount of information, including similar artists, a list of albums on which the song has appeared, and even a link to tour dates for the artist. There are also options to play the song on Rdio or Spotify, search for it on YouTube, or purchase it through Amazon MP3. And the app keeps a running list of songs you have ID'd, in case you want to go back and access their details.

Perhaps the neatest thing about the song info page is the LiveLyrics. When lyrics are available, SoundHound will return them and actually keep them scrolling in real time, along with the music. Considering the music source is a radio or some other speaker that isn't connected to your phone, this synchronization seems almost magical.

More than just a namer of tunes, SoundHound is also good at helping users discover new music. For instance, from the Home screen, you can find the What's Hot button, which takes you to a valuable listing of trending music on SoundHound. This page shows you hottest songs of the week, most tweeted and most ID'd songs, and newly ID'd songs. It's nice to sift through this page to see what other users are listening to. And of course, any track you access can be shared with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and other installed applications on your device.

One thing to note is that SoundHound does come bundled with an "ID Now" Home screen widget. I would highly suggest using this, as it automatically opens up the app and starts identifying ambient music in a single tap.

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