Sony PSP Headset review:

Sony PSP Headset

Frustration and confusion aside, when you have the Remote Control connected, the PSP Headset performs very well. We successfully held numerous Skype sessions and were told our voice quality was excellent. To be extra sure, we used the built-in Skype Test Call to hear for ourselves--and voice quality was very clear. Headphone sound quality was good, performing noticeably better than the bundled PSP-branded earbuds that come with the Remote Control accessory. This was the case for Skype calls in addition to video and game playback.

In terms of design, we first noticed that the headset did not have a headband. Instead, a single wire connects the two earpieces. While this is more of a preference issue, we felt the wire approach was actually quite comfortable--almost to the point where we didn't even notice we were wearing the headset. Additionally, the earpieces are covered in a soft foam accompanied by a retractable ear clamp, which added to overall comfort. The left earpiece is somewhat cluttered, with the headphone jack, connecting right earpiece wire, and microphone all protruding from it. The microphone extends about 3.5 inches from the earpiece and is completely adjustable. We found that having the microphone about a half inch off your face resulted in the best overall voice quality. That said, anyone used to in-ear earphones may find that the open design of the PSP headset lets in too much background noise from the outside world.

Confusing setup and caveats aside, the PSP Headset works well. We just hope that Sony reissues the product and throws in the necessary Remote Control cable needed to use the microphone sooner than later. In the meantime, be aware that this headset is just a pair of glorified headphones without the required Remote Control accessory.

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