Sony HT-CT100 review:

Sony HT-CT100

After we had everything hooked up and ready to go, we couldn't get any sound out of the thing. The controls on the sub brought the HT-CT100 to life, but it didn't respond to the remote's commands. We changed the remote's batteries; still no luck, so we thought the remote was defective. Turned out our mistake was pointing the remote toward the subwoofer--the sensor is in the speaker. With that hurdle out of the way setup was easy, and the remote allows for adjustment of the speaker's center channel and subwoofer volume levels. The remote can also control Sony Bravia televisions.

The HT-CT100 strutted its stuff when we fired up the Blu-ray version of ZZ Top's Live From Texas disc. The band's sound filled the CNET listening room, so we could hear the hometown crowd was clearly having a great time, Billy Gibbon's trademark guitar thrash was in fine form, and Frank Beard's drums kicked pretty hard. Clearly, the Sony soundbar's gutsy sound was a force to be reckoned with. Surround ambiance was huge, extending well into the room. And when we stood up and walked around, the surround held up pretty well. That's not true with most single-speaker surround systems; their surround collapses back into the speaker for listeners not seated directly inline with the speaker.

We next popped on the Talladega Nights Blu-ray and pummeled the HT-CT100 with a full dose of pedal-to-the-metal NASCAR horsepower. Between that and the heavy metal score, we expected the HT-CT100 to cry uncle. But no, it sounded awesome! Dynamics and power were on par with some of the better budget priced 5.1-channel home-theater-in-a-box systems, and ahead of some far more expensive soundbar systems. The HT-CT100 didn't hold anything back when the cars smashed into the racetrack's retaining walls.

We did notice one important key to maximizing the surround effect: beyond the overall volume, you can control the subwoofer and center channel levels. The more you crank the center up, the narrower the soundfield became. In other words, keep the center channel level at the baseline "zero" setting or below for the most pronounced surround effects.

CD sound was also far better than average. The acoustic tunes on Cat Power's Jukebox CD were natural and clear, which was all the more impressive when we stopped to remember the speaker doesn't have any tweeters! The HT-CT100's refined sonics with the orchestral score to the movie Birth were again beyond what we've come to expect from soundbar systems. True, the score's big bass drums didn't have their full weight and impact, but the Sony's low bass oomph was respectable. Not quite the equal of much pricier soundbar/sub systems, but not at all bad. Stereo imaging stretched out beyond the edges of the speaker.

In the final analysis, we suspect that the Sony HT-CT100 may not have the gravitas to anchor a primary home theater--don't expect it to deliver the same pronounced surround effects you'll find on the Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors, which use a sophisticated beam system. But those systems cost two, three, or even four times as much. The Sony is certainly well-suited for smaller dens and bedrooms, and it easily trumps rival soundbar/subwoofer models, including the Yamaha YAS-70 and Boston Acoustics TVee Model Two, delivering better sound and more features than both for less money. As such, the HT-CT100 is an easy pick for the best sub-$300 soundbar/subwoofer system we've heard to date.

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