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Solo Tech Netbook Mini Instant-Messenger laptop bag (black) review:

Solo Tech Netbook Mini Instant-Messenger laptop bag (black)

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The front compartment is divided into two equal halves. The back half has two pockets with a stretchy ribbon along the top that will keep your BlackBerry or iPhone secured. On the outside of the front of the bag are two thin, shallow pockets.

Between the two sides of the Solo Netbook Mini case is a long pocket that runs the width of the bag, which is accessed via a side zipper. It's convenient that you can get to it without having to open the bag's main flap and probably the best place to stash your cell phone for quick retrieval, though we do wish the bag had a zippered pocket on the front flap for such an item.

Given the bag's dimensions, there isn't room for a magazine, and definitely not a newspaper. And you might be able to squeeze in a small, thin paperback, but probably nothing more than a James Patterson-size thriller. The Solo Netbook Mini Instant-Messenger Laptop Case is about as well built a Netbook bag that we can imagine; we just can't imagine anyone needs a Netbook bag in the first place.

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