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Samsung YP-P2 review:

Samsung YP-P2

Sadly, the Samsung P2 doesn't support a vast array of audio formats, just MP3 and both protected and unprotected WMA. However, it somewhat makes up for that by offering a massive amount of sound effects, including a nine-band custom EQ. In addition to music, the device plays video in SVI or WMV at a resolution of up to 480x272 and supports JPEG photos, which you can view while listening to music. There's also something called Datacasts, which are essentially bits of RSS feeds that you can transfer to the player (detailed instructions to be found in the manual), and a selection called PrimePack, where you can find a calendar, an alarm, and text files. Sadly, there is no separate sorting for podcasts, although you can make a folder of them to access via the file browser on the P2.

Of course, the Samsung P2's most compelling feature might be the built-in A2DP (stereo) Bluetooth. That means there's no adapter required for those who want to cut the cord between their MP3 players and headphones, provided the headphones use Bluetooth as well. The P2 can also be paired with Bluetooth speakers, such as Samsung's BS300. And you can even pair the player with your cell phone; playback will mute during an incoming call, and you can use the P2's built in mic to talk. The player can be paired with up to 30 devices.

Insofar as performance is concerned, the Samsung P2 is almost entirely impressive. Our one point of contention is that the touch screen is not always precise and responsive, so it sometimes takes a couple tries to get the desired reaction. However, the player really shines in all other areas. Photos look stunning on the screen--they are exceedingly bright and crisp. Videos at the highest possible resolution look similarly excellent, though we noticed some pixelation in the videos with a resolution of 320x240. And we're pleased that you can set bookmarks and choose from a few video-specific sound settings to enhance the experience (normal, action, or drama). Rated battery life is great for audio (35 hours) and good for video (5 hours); sadly, CNET Labs came nowhere near matching the music-only number, squeezing out a comparatively paltry 15.7 hours. Video endurance proved better at 5.7 hours

Clearly, the Samsung P2 is an audio enthusiast's MP3 player. Music sounds simply fantastic, and the nine-band user EQ--a rarity--makes it easy to fine-tune audio to your exact specifications. (Several other enhancement options help, as well.) With a pair of Shure SE310s, we got clear, sparkly highs; rich mids; and a tight and sneaky low-end response--enveloping but not overwhelming. The acoustic guitar Nick Drake's folk track "Things Behind the Sun" was pleasantly plunky, while his vocals were warm and buttery. The Black Eyed Peas' "Request + Line" featured super thumping bass that highlighted--rather than overshadowed--the shimmering Middle Eastern strings in the background. Overall, the P2 provides a highly pleasant and engaging listening experience.

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