Samsung Trill (U.S. Cellular) review:

Samsung Trill (U.S. Cellular)

The Samsung Trill is certified by Bang & Olufsen.

Of course, since the Trill is with U.S. Cellular, it's not compatible with online music services as is the Trance. You have to drag and drop your own music onto the Trill via a USB cable, as long as you have a microSD card installed--the Trill supports up to 16GB microSD cards. The music player interface is really well done, with easy-to-use controls and nice visual elements like several equalizer settings and even 3D sound. Some other goodies include a Music Only mode that shuts off the phone's wireless signal so you can still listen to your songs while in the air.

For information about the 1.3-megapixel camera, please check out our full review of the Samsung Trance for more details. The photo quality is slightly better than the one on the Trance--colors are rather muted with an orange tinge, but the overall crispness is better than expected.

The Samsung Trill does not have the best photo quality, but it's better than expected.

You can personalize the Trill with a variety of graphics and sounds, either your own or the ones that you can download from U.S. Cellular's Easyedge mobile store. The Trill only comes with one game--Pac-Man--but you can download more games from the same store.

We tested the Samsung Trill in San Francisco using U.S. Cellular's roaming partners. Call quality was very impressive on the whole, even though it was roaming. We heard our callers clearly without any static, and they sounded quite good via speakerphone as well, albeit not as natural-sounding.

On their end, callers said they could hear us just fine as well. They did detect some hiss and crackle, but it was intermittent and very mild. When we turned on the speakerphone, they said we sounded loud and clear, though the voice quality was a bit harsher,

Music quality was quite stellar. Thanks to Bang & Olufsen's ICEPower technology, we were impressed with the strong bass and the surround-sound qualities of the player. We think the quality compares well with most dedicated MP3 players, especially the basic ones.

The Samsung Trill has a rated battery life of 4.5 hours of talk time and 12.5 days of standby time. It has a tested talk time of 3 hours and 55 minutes. According to the FCC, it has a SAR rating of 1.34 watts per kilogram.

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