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Samsung Tint (MetroPCS) review:

Samsung Tint (MetroPCS)

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The VGA camera takes pictures in four resolutions (from 640x480 down to a special size for photo caller ID). Editing options include a self-timer, adjustable white balance, five color tones, three quality settings, series and mosaic shot modes, 10 fun frames, a night mode and five shutter sounds, plus a silent option. The Tint does not record video. Photo quality was pretty good from a VGA shooter--colors were crisp, and there was little image noise. Shots in the dark will be tricky without a flash, and there's no self-portrait mirror, but it's a decent camera all around. The Tint offers 20MB of internal memory.

The Tint's photo quality is quite nice.

MetroPCS isn't long on additional services, but the Tint comes with a fair number of options. It offers instant messaging, Web-based e-mail, the carrier's metroWeb Internet service, ChatLINK for (what else?) chatting, @Metro for application downloads, Pocket Express, metro411 and Loopt. The Tint doesn't offer any games, but you can buy titles from MetroPCS. You can personalize the phone with a variety of banners, color themes, and wallpaper.

We tested the dual-band (CDMA 800/1900; AWS 1700/2100) Samsung Tint in San Francisco using MetroPCS service. Call quality was about average. Though the signal was strong and we had enough volume, voice quality was uneven. Some of our callers sounded rather breathy, and the audio overall had a tinny feel. If you're only using the phone occasionally, you probably won't mind, but frequent callers may be disappointed. We suggest giving the phone a test run before buying.

Callers had equally mixed reports. Some said we sounded fine, while others reported the same tinny audio quality that we heard. A few also had some trouble hearing us when we were talking outside. All could tell we were using a cell phone. Speakerphone calls were about the same--the audio was clear most of the time, and we had enough volume.

The Tint has a rated battery life of three hours talk time and 10.4 days standby time. According to our tests, the Tint had a talk time of 3 hours and 2 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, the Tint has a digital SAR of 1.17 watts per kilogram.

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