Samsung SGH-ZX10 (AT&T) review:

Samsung SGH-ZX10 (AT&T)

The SGH-ZX10 has a swiveling camera lens.

The Samsung SGH-ZX10 has a 1.3-megapixel digital camera. You can take pictures in four resolutions (1,280x1,024, 640x480, 320x240, and 176x144) and use such features as a 4X zoom; multishot and mosaic-shot options; four quality settings; white-balance effects; spot metering; three lighting effects; 50 fun frames; and a self-timer. Take note, however, that zoom is not an option at the largest resolutions. Once taken, a picture can be sent via a multimedia message, e-mail, Bluetooth, and infrared, or it can be set as wallpaper or a caller-ID photo. Video capabilities on the phone are decent, including a full hour of recording time. Video can be recorded with a Sepia, Black and White, or Night effect, with or without a flash, and in four different quality settings.

We like the SGH-ZX10's photo quality.

The preloaded Java (J2ME) games--Powerline X, The Last Age, Asphalt 3D, and Bowling 3D--are engaging, and gameplay is intuitive and enjoyable. Cingular offers its MediaNet service on this handset, although content for downloadable ring tones, games, wallpaper, and screensavers currently is very limited.

We tested the quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900; UMTS) Samsung SGH-ZX10 world phone in San Francisco on Cingular's network. The phone received a decent signal, better than that of other phones we have tested on the Cingular network, which tends to be spotty in some areas of San Francisco. The handset itself has solid sound quality, and while callers did know we were on a cell phone, they commented on the clarity of the call. Interference from other electronics was minimal, but the phone did tend to get warm when in use for an extended period. The speakerphone quality is very good, although the streamed content on the video player does not use the full capability of the speakers, even when set at the maximum level.

The data speeds on the Samsung SGH-ZX10 are impressive. We were able to download games and stream media with little wait time--less than 5 seconds. The menus load quickly, and the content streams with relative ease and much faster than that of most previously tested phones. Some of the longer clips, however, needed to buffer again toward the end of the clip.

In our tests, we coaxed 5 hours of talk time from the Samsung SGH-ZX10 and six days of standby time. According to FCC radiation tests, the SGH-ZX10 has a digital SAR rating of 1.38 watts per kilogram.

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