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Samsung SBH700 review:

Samsung SBH700

We paired the Samsung SBH-700 with the Verizon Wireless Blitz. It paired automatically with the phone as soon as we had set both on Bluetooth discovery mode, which was great. Stereo music quality was decent, with loud volume and distinct melody. It's not the greatest audio quality in the world, but it's fine for most people if you're not too much of an audiophile. We did have one complaint; sometimes when we were adjusting the volume on the headset, there was a slight pause in the music. This seemed to occur when we hit the maximum volume, and the headset would beep loudly.

Call quality was good, but not great. Callers heard us just fine and vice versa, but they still reported some echo and a slight hollow quality to our voice. They also reported that our voice sounded slightly robotic. Other calling features include last number redial, call mute, and putting a call on hold.

The Samsung SBH-700 has a rated battery life of 8 hours of talk and music, plus a rated standby time of 5.83 days.

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