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Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth headset review:

Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth headset

When you first power the SBH600 on, it'll automatically go into pairing mode. We paired ours with the Samsung Trance, which has stereo Bluetooth enabled. It also supports AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), which means we could manage the music player using the headphone's controls. To our surprise, because both the Trance and the SBH600 are Samsung products, the devices paired automatically without us having to enter in a PIN code. Usually you would have to enter a four-digit PIN (like 0000).

We were very impressed with the audio quality. The SBH600 promises high fidelity audio, and it delivers. We were pleased with the bass booster and widening surround sound modes too--in fact, we would recommend using the bass booster most of the time to bring out the rich and full sound of your tunes.

Call quality, on the other hand, was a mixed bag. Though we could hear our callers loud and clear, callers said that we sounded on the soft side, even when we were in a quiet environment. In a noisier environment like on a busy city sidewalk, they had to strain to hear us and we had to raise our voice a bit more. We could still carry on a conversation, but it wasn't ideal.

Other features of the SBH600 include the typical capabilities to answer, end, and reject a call; last number redial; voice command support where available; placing a call on hold ;and transfer a call from the phone to the headset and vice versa.

The Samsung SBH600 has a rated battery life of 11 hours talk time, 11 hours music playback, and 12.5 days standby time.

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