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While we'll need to wait a few more months yet, Samsung has announced two new premium models in its 2011 range: the D7000 and the D8000. These TVs form part of the company's smart TV line-up with web access and search, video-on-demand and DLNA streaming available as standard.

Being the penultimate TV in Samsung's range it also features 3D, but it's the active kind and not passive like LG's LW6500 coming later this year. Unlike last year's Samsung, the glasses are much less like welding goggles and actually quite slim. They can also be supplemented with a wireless charging stand.

These models also sport an eye for elegance. The D7000 in particular boasts what Samsung calls a 0.2 inch bezel — even though the staff on hand told us it was 0.3 inch. Traditionally, the bezel is the entire edge of the TV, but we think Samsung is referring to the metal rim of the panel itself. As you can see from the photo and accompanying video, the company has then surrounded this "bezel" with a clear plastic "frame". But whatever you call it, it seems that Samsung has done its job of creating a TV that blends with its surroundings.

The D7000 is available in 46-inch (AU$3,199) and 55-inch (AU$4,099) models, with a 60-inch ($TBA) coming later in the year.

Ty Pendlebury flew to Las Vegas as a guest of Samsung