Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (iOS) review:

The most majestic running game just got better

Am I here in vain?
With so many challenges, bonuses, and extra powers, the game loses a bit of the appealing simplicity the original game had. I also felt that launching, quitting, and navigating all its different menu items felt a bit laggy. Though it wasn't slow enough to be distracting, compared with the original, the app itself felt just a hair sluggish.

However, all the new additional features do an excellent job at motivating players to keep on leveling up. One of my favorite new options is joining the unicorn community. Now, you don't actually get to play against anyone; rather, you choose one side to belong to (either team Inferno or team Rainbow). The team that logs the most destroyed stars by the end of a 24-hour period wins extra unicorn tears for each of its members. You can also contribute toward a communal achievement, like jumping through 860,000 hoops.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Worry not, Erasure l'amour! With a little bit of (licensing) respect, you can break these chains of silence and purchase the Lynn La/CNET

Unfortunately, RUA2 did away with one of the most satisfying features of the original, which is the vibration option. Every time you crash through a star, you get haptic feedback for it. Sadly, this version doesn't have it. In addition, you now won't know when a star is coming. In RUA, there was a sort of whooshing vacuum-like sound effect that let you know a star was being formed a few seconds ahead of you. Sorry to say, there is no such noise anymore, and you'll just need to be that more hyper-focused with your unicorn.

Aside from the more vibrant and lush graphics, the most noticeable change in this version is the initial absence of Erasure's "Always" looping in the background. Instead, you get a stock electronic song playing. This was jarring at first, because "Always" was the most charming and hypnotizing aspect of the original game, immortalizing it into cult fandom.

But as with any world where unicorns are running around, all hope is not lost. As the app goes on to explain, players can purchase the song (along with other epic electronic, New Wavy songs) starting at 99 cents each, to comply with licensing agreements. I strongly suggest you purchase it. You don't need it to play, but the song is the very soul of the game. And for future reference, any time in your life that you find yourself asking, "Should I buy Erasure?" the answer will always be: yes. Forever.

There will be no shame
If you know what's good for you, you will download and play this glorious game. For one thing, it's free. And even if it weren't, I'd still slay up to four real-life unicorns to play this game. Sure, you'll need to buy the Erasure song, but that'll be the best 99 cents you'll spend all month.

Plus, compared with the original, you'll get better graphics, the ability to join a legendary battle of historic proportions, and epic abilities like flying, and having a mane and tail made out of fire. Fire. Need I say more?

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