This tablet really wants to replace your notebook


A digital notepad for distraction-free doodling.


If you're anything like me, the myriad of apps that help track your to-do lists and thoughts haven't replaced the love of writing things down with a pen and paper. The reMarkable digital paper tablet is made with you and me in mind.

The stylus is sold separately, but it comes with if you pre-order.


What's a digital paper tablet? Take the shape of an iPad, mix with the screen of an e-reader, add a fancy stylus, and -- ta da! It's an e-reader-like tablet designed specifically for reading, writing and drawing.

The reMarkable tablet is available for pre-order now with a pen, case and free shipping for $379. Pre-orders are expected to ship in the summer of 2017. (At the time of posting, UK and AU pricing and availability has yet to be announced. Prices convert to £304 and AU$507, respectively)

High-end tablets have screens so sharp and vibrant, watching an HD movie on one can feel like holding a portal into another world. The reMarkable tablet wants to be the opposite of that by providing a distraction-free e-ink canvas for your own work. It doesn't have an app store or browser -- so no tweeting or checking Instagram -- only reading, writing or sketching.


You can sync your notes via Wi-Fi to your phone or computer.


You can also sync all of your notes and drawings (via WI-Fi) to reMarkable's cloud service and access them on your Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Sony makes a something similar, but at $800 it's a lot more expensive than the reMarkable. The reMarkable tablet is also a lot cheaper than buying an Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and the Apple Pencil. However, once pre-orders are over, the price of the tablet shoots up to $529 and $79 for the pen. Whether the discounted pre-order price for a digital notepad is worth it is ultimately up to you, young scribe.


  • 10.3-inch e-ink display
  • 1,872x1,404-pixel resolution (226 DPI)
  • 55ms touchscreen response latency
  • 8GB internal storage (no expandable memory)
  • 512MB RAM
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3,000 mAh battery

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