Razer Megalodon Gaming Headset (Black) review:

Razer Megalodon Gaming Headset (Black)

The control box gives you total control over each surround channel.

The Megalodon can only connect to your PC via a USB port. Also, it is only compatible with Windows XP and later. That said, we did have a few issues in getting our Windows XP computer to play nicely with the headset. It took a few unplugging sessions before the right sound kicked in, but when it is properly set up, your sound properties should say Razer Megalodon.

We first put the Megalodon's 7.1 channel surround sound to the test. After about an hour with the new Wolfenstein game, we were blown away by the headset's capability to separate various channels in-ear. The explosions of grenades, the firing of World War II era guns, and the footsteps of enemy soldiers added an impressive element to the game. Just for means of comparison, we threw on the Carcharias to compare the experience and while the headset still did a good job of directing audio, nothing can touch the Megalodon's 7.1 separation. We should note that you'll need to make sure your game offers a 7.1 surround option to get the most out of the Megalodon.

Next, we tasked the Megalodon with some multiplayer rounds in Counter-Strike to test the headset's chat performance. As with the Carcharias, we had an excellent session. Our teammates reported loud and clear communication from the Megalodon.

Available for $150, the Razer Megalodon should be the only 7.1 PC gaming headset you'll ever need to buy. It's definitely a product for hardcore PC gamers and may intimidate more casual users because of its customization capabilities. If you don't think you're ready for such an investment, we have no problem recommending the Razer Carcharias instead.

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