Radical.FM review:

Has potential, but not ready for prime time

Bewildered and wondering what I was doing wrong, I randomly touched the Add Songs button again after digging around in menus and was sent back to the search screen, where there was now a note that said I needed to have at least 30 songs in my list to listen to full-length tracks (this is a requirement of the licensing with music labels). This message was not there when I first started adding songs, and upon further tests I realized that seeing the message there was fairly hit or miss. Needless to say that's very confusing, especially for a first-time user.

After using the search tool to find and add 30 songs (this took quite a long time), I was finally able to start my playlist, which played in random order. It's hard to be critical of an app that lets me make a custom playlist for free, but without proper instructions, I imagine it will leave a lot of people frustrated. Adding to the frustration is the lack of small UI elements that would have been useful, such as a button to quickly clear the search field while looking for songs, which means you'll be backspacing every letter before you can enter a new search term.

The problems didn't stop there, unfortunately, but it may be because of the developers underestimating the number of people who would use the app at launch. In my testing, Radical.FM was slow to react when I pressed buttons, album art was slow to load in the mosaic view, and there was a delay when scrolling through search results, making the list jittery so it was hard to focus on where I was in the list. The app would also crash from time to time in my testing.

I talked to the CEO of Radical.FM, Tom McAlevey, about some of these problems, and he said the app is having some issues at this early stage because of an onrush of new users. He says the company is adding servers that will make the app more responsive, but at this early stage it can be a little choppy to use, especially when a lot of people are using it at once. He also said the company is currently working to make creating custom playlists clearer for new users.

Radical.FM seems like it could be a great streaming-audio app once the company irons out the rough edges and makes some tweaks to the interface. Creating and listening to any of the streams from the premade genres is a fairly smooth experience, and with no subscription or ads, people may just use Radical.FM for that purpose in the early stages of this app.

The option to create a station with a mix of genres that can be fine-tuned will probably be more appealing once the process has been streamlined. But for right now, the app is bogged down by unclear instructions for creating stations, nonexistent or slow-to-load UI elements, and a few bugs that need to be stomped out before this app is ready for wider consumption.

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