Pudding Monsters review:

Fun, addictive puzzler, needs more levels

In addition, puddings that aren't being moved will watch the ones that are, and some will even react or frown if another slides off. And during idle times, they'll begin to sway back and forth. Small movements like this keep the game animated and interactive, though at times it just feels like they're judging you with their little pudding eyes for not figuring out the level fast enough.

Pudding Monsters
The green slime pudding helps others so they won't slide off the plane. It doesn't help with indigestion, though. Screenshot by Lynn La/CNET

Speaking of figuring out the levels, the game does indeed get hard. As each new character with different stipulations and objects is added, you'll get freebie "explainer levels" that are intuitive enough to help you understand your new task. But once you pass them, each level gets more delightfully challenging.

If you get really stumped, though, you can purchase a mushroom boost (six for $1.99, up to 50 for $9.99), which will let you reproduce your pudding pieces to make it easier to level up. Frankly, though, the whole point of the game is to think it through, so don't waste your money getting these boosts.

Pudding Monsters
How you cheat, er, win with a mushroom boost: cover the whole playing field with pudding. Screenshot by Lynn La/CNET

The game supports eight languages, including German and French, and has tie-ins with its Facebook page and iOS' Game Center. Settings include turning off the music or sound and resetting the game. During my time with it, the app quit unexpectedly once, but other than that, it runs extremely smoothly.

Currently, Pudding Monsters has three levels, with 24 stages each. New levels are reportedly coming soon and you can sign up for alerts when they're added. I recommend waiting a bit until more levels come, since I imagine you could get through these three levels in under a day with heavy gameplay. Don't get me wrong, though. This is a fun and casual game that you can easily spend hours playing without realizing it. But when these levels come in, it'll be worth your money.

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