Plume for Android review:

Customizable columns are great for power users

One way that Plume trumps Carbon is with its refresh rate. While Carbon can only refresh in 15-minute intervals, Plume lets you pick an interval from between 1 minute and 4 hours. For Twitter fanatics who spend their every idle moment scrolling through their timelines, this is a huge deal.

When it comes to composing tweets, Plume is a bit more basic than other clients. It has a character counter and an account picker as well as hashtag and mention tools. Plus, it can easily attach photos, shorten URLs, and even enable extra long tweets with the integrated service. What Plume is missing, though, is a geotagging button. From the Settings screen, you can choose to share your GPS location with every tweet, but there's no easy way to share this information only on an as-needed basis.

Of course, Plume does more than just let you read and fire off tweets. Like other clients on the market, Plume lets you look through trending terms on Twitter. It offers global trends, as well as trends for cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Weirdly, though, it only offers nine cities to choose from and New York isn't even one of them. By comparison, Carbon offers dozens of cities with viewable trends lists. Other nice touches include the ability to mute Twitter users or keywords, and the ability to color-code your different Twitter accounts.

Finally, Plume needs a list manager so you can create, edit, and delete lists from your within the app.

Plume is available in a free version and an ad-free paid version for $4.99.

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