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Parrot Minikit+

Also helping you to know who's on the end of that incoming call is a spoken caller ID system. Unfortunately, it only reads aloud entries that are already in you device's memory, but that's more of a "nature of caller ID for mobile phones" issue than a fault of the Minikit+ itself.

Speaking of speaking, you and the Minikit+ will be doing quite a bit of chatting back and forth because there's no visual readout to be found on the device. All of the device's menus, accessible by pushing and twisting the control knob, are spoken aloud to you as you go. Likewise, the unit can also recognize your spoken inputs for initiating, accepting, or rejecting calls. Simply tap the green Call button, speak the name of anyone in your synced address book, and the Minikit+ will initiate a call. In the event of multiple numbers for a contact, the unit may ask if you mean Home, Office, or Other. Or you could just bypass the second question by simply saying, for example, "Call Antuan at home," "Call Antuan at work," or even "Call Antuan at the office." Of course, you can also call people who are not named Antuan.

Additionally, when a call is incoming, the user can simply say "Accept" or "Reject" to accept or reject the call without even touching a button. Parrot calls this feature Magic Words.

The Minikit+ speaker's other trick is, as mentioned before, streaming audio from an A2DP Bluetooth device. Simply pair up and the Minikit+ will output any sound that your phone sends to it. While I used this function briefly to play back music and podcasts during our testing, I don't really recommend that you do the same in your day-to-day use. As I mentioned before, the audio quality is OK, but not what I'd call good enough for enjoyment of music playback; for that you'll want to look elsewhere. What it is good enough for is the playback of spoken turn-by-turn directions if you happen to also be using your paired smartphone for navigation or having text messages read aloud if you're running an app that enables such a thing.

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In sum
The Parrot Minikit+ packs all of the basic features that we expect in an in-car speakerphone. And although its screenless, knob-based menu system can be a bit tedious to use, the Minikit+ more than makes up for it with its great voice-activated dialer and hands-free Magic Word feature. Audio quality from the speaker is passably good, but could stand a bit of improvement. However, the great microphone's noise cancellation and echo reduction ensure that the caller on the other end hears you loud and clear.

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