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Nokia 7270 review:

Nokia 7270

The 7270's VGA camera takes pictures only in 640x480-pixel resolution, but you get three quality settings (High, Normal, and Basic) and four modes (Standard, Portrait, Night, and Video). You also get a 4X digital zoom, a self-timer, and an option to turn off the camera-shutter sound. Photo quality was above average, but still, this isn't something you'd want to frame and display in your living room. Once you've snapped your photos, you can shoot them off to friends and family via multimedia message, save them to the phone's 32MB shared memory, or use them for wallpaper. And unlike its stylish cousin, the 7270 is outfitted with video-recording capabilities. You can record 15-second MPEG-4 video clips with sound and send them via a multimedia message or the infrared port. You also have the option to mute sound; rename the clip; and get information such as file size, creation date, and format.

The 7270 has good photo quality for a camera phone.

Not only can you record video, but the multimedia-friendly Nokia 7270 also lets you view streaming video. The funk doesn't stop there, though, not when you have an FM radio as well. To jam to the radio, you have to use the included wired headset since it acts as the antenna, and you can store as many as 20 station presets. We plugged in and were listening to tunes in no time. The sound was a bit hollow, but it's nothing we couldn't live with, especially when you realize you're listening to the radio through your phone. The mobile also supports MP3 and AAC ring tones.

As always, you can customize your phone with a variety of themes, wallpaper, color schemes, and sounds. If the default settings make you yawn, you can download more options. There's support for Java (MIDP 2.0) games, and while two titles (Chic Pinball and Disco) come with the phone, you can shop for more diversions. Nokia throws in a couple of extra apps too, such as a translator and clothing size converter.

We tested the triband (GSM 900/1800/1900; EDGE) Nokia 7270 world phone in the San Francisco Bay Area, and call quality was a mixed bag. While our callers said they could hear us clearly, conversations sounded patchy and soft on our end. When we switched over to speakerphone, the audio quality only got worse, as both parties experienced static and sounded distant.

Battery life was satisfactory. We beat the rated talk time of four hours by an extra hour and a half. Standby time was 9 days on a single charge compared with the promised time of 11.25 days. According to the FCC, the 7270 has a digital SAR rating of 1.05 watts per kilogram.

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