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Nokia 2720 Fold review:

Nokia 2720 Fold

Inside, you'll find text and multimedia messaging, instant messaging, and WAP browsing, with Opera Mini available for some regions. The organizer contains the usual alarm clock, calendar, to-do list, and a memo pad, and throws in a stopwatch and timer. Six Java games, including Tetris, Pacman, and The Oregon Trail, await you in the Games folder.

A handful of more-advanced features belie the Fold's small screen and low-end resolution. On top of Bluetooth support and hands-free speakerphone, there's support for IMAP, POP, and STMP e-mail messages, including Gmail, and support for attachments. We could never get them to open, however. Two other tidbits you'll find on the Fold include a voice recorder and the capability to sync and back up data with another phone or computer.

Photo quality is far from stellar, but the Fold's camera will still catch the moment.

You'll never get stellar photos out of a 1.3-megapixel camera, particularly one without a flash. However, the Fold's camera will capture the moment as a still, a sequence of images, or as a video. There's a self-timer and an easy-to-use 4x digital zoom that helps produce grainy-but-serviceable JPEGs (up to 1,024x1,280-pixel resolution) that you can then send as an MMS or save to the phone's memory. You also can save images as caller ID photos, wallpaper, or icons.

The press of a button shifts you from photo to video mode, where the camera records 3GP clips up to 2 minutes long--and can play back 3GP and MP4 files. The Fold churns out videos at a rate of up to 15 frames per second. As with the camera, there's a 4x digital zoom. With 10MB internal memory, however, space can fill up fast.

The built-in music player for MP3 and AAC songs doubles as an FM radio if you've purchased a wireless headset with a built-in antenna, but you won't crank out any FM tunes out of the box. You can repeat songs on the player or shuffle them, and mute the audio. Without a dedicated store for easily buying music but as with the camera, music is an incidental selling point; the Fold just isn't positioned or provisioned to be a strong music device.

We tested the dual-band GSM (850/1900) Nokia Fold in San Francisco using T-Mobile's service. Call quality was acceptable overall, and better than average for a phone in its price range. Although voices mostly sounded clear, strong, and natural, in some calls, voices sounded a bit tinny and distant. As a dual-band phone, the 2720 will not work outside North America.

Callers on the other end of the line could tell we were on a cell phone, but they reported solid call quality with strong volume overall. In fact, volume was too loud for some callers, who described it as speaking too close to a microphone, and a tad tinny for others. Speakerphone sounded intelligible on our end, but was muted when we put down the open phone because of the placement of the main speaker. Friends on the other end had trouble hearing us on speakerphone.

Rated battery life on the Fold is 3 hours talk time and 12.5 days of standby time. It has a tested talk time of 5.05 hours. FCC radiation tests give the Fold a digital SAR of 0.96 watt per kilogram.

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