NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition (Xbox 360)

NBA 2K13: Is it the shoes?

Yes, it's the shoes. Yes, it's the entire 1992 Dream Team. Yes, Jay Z really did stuff for the game. And yes, it's also the only chance you've got at playing a basketball video game this season.

What's been most publicized about 2K13 has been the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Dream Team, almost universally regarded as the best basketball team ever assembled. The team's inclusion in the game was going to happen regardless, but there was a point in the development cycle where Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley were not on board to appear. That's where Jay Z came in.

At first I thought Jay Z's executive producer credit was more of a stunt than a legitimate role until I heard how instrumental he was in convincing Pippen and Barkley to allow their likenesses in the game. Without Jay Z, there'd probably be an incomplete Dream Team in NBA 2K13.

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