MoGo Talk XD Bluetooth Headset (and Protective Case for iPhone 4 review:

MoGo Talk XD Bluetooth Headset (and Protective Case for iPhone 4

To pair the headset with the iPhone, press the multifunction call button down until it enters pairing mode. The LED light underneath the headset will begin flashing blue and red, and you can go ahead and pair it with the phone. The headset will also pair with other phones, but as the MoGo case is made for the iPhone, we paired it with an iPhone 4.

Call quality was rather mixed. On our end, callers sounded great. Voices were loud, clear, and natural-sounding. There was very little background noise, as if the call was made from a landline phone.

For the callers, though, it was a different story. They could still hear us, but quality was muddier. There were a couple of times when we would crackle and fade out. We tested the same call with the iPhone alone, and the phone sounded better. Still, there were stretches of time when there was no static or hiss at all over the headset, so it might be an occasional issue only.

The headset's features are pretty standard: you can answer, end, and reject calls, redial the last number, and be paired with up to five separate devices. To change the volume, you need to use the iPhone's controls. The MoGo Talk XD does not have A2DP or multipoint connectivity. The case comes with a USB cable.

In conclusion
The MoGo Talk XD is a clever idea. As an iPhone case with a built-in Bluetooth headset, it means the headset is never far away from your phone. However, it does lack several features like A2DP and onboard volume controls. Call quality was also a little mixed, with muddy notes and the occasional static crackle. And we wished that the case could somehow charge the phone as well--that would've made the $99.99 retail price easier to swallow.

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