Mitsubishi HC7900DW

The Good The Mitsubishi HC7900DW projector can produce very good pictures in a dark room; exhibits deep-enough black levels and accurate color in bright areas; has lots of viable video-processing options; and its operation is quiet.

The Bad More expensive than similarly performing projectors; relatively dim; black and near-dark areas are slightly green; must buy separate emitter for 3D; no 3D glasses included.

The Bottom Line Although its dark-room picture quality rivals projectors near its price, the Mitsubishi HC7900DW's low light output contributes to making it a worse value.

Editors' Rating
  • Design 6.0
  • Features 7.0
  • Performance 7.0
  • Value 6.0
6.5 Overall


Low light, not-so-low price limit PJ appeal

Mitsubishi was the last man standing in the battle to keep big-screen rear-projection TVs in American living rooms, offering DLPs in screen sizes up to 92 inches. It stands to reason, then, that the Zaibatsu also puts out DLP front projectors capable of filling even larger screens.

The HC7900DW is one of the company's least expensive 3D-compatible DLP home theater projectors, but it still costs a few hundred more than similar competing products like the BenQ W1070 and Epson 3020, and even more if you want the accessories necessary to watch 3D. That price difference, combined with the HC7900DW's relatively low light output, handicaps its chances in the much smaller battle for the huge screens in select American home theater rooms.

Unlike the swoopy white Epson or the petite white BenQ, the white Mitsubishi HC7900W appears decidedly bulbous -- and not just because it contains a bulb. The blobby box is a good deal larger (15.6x12.9x5.6 inches WDH, 12.6 pounds) than most units in its price range. The entirety of each side is a vent, there's a turtle-shell-like overhang designed into the top and a chrome ring on the lens. Little else distinguishes the 7900 visually, but at least external design is less relevant for projectors than for TVs.

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Specs / Prices

  • MSRP $3,499
  • Brand Mitsubishi
  • Color Category white
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