Microsoft B7T-00001 Normal 21 Function Keyboard review:

Microsoft B7T-00001 Normal 21 Function Keyboard

The bundled Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 uses Microsoft's high-definition laser. We found it makes the mouse more responsive, precise, and smooth than older ball or optical models.

A five-button mouse is certainly nothing new, but where other mice have a Forward button, the 6000 has one programmed to turn your pointer into a magnifying glass. Press it, and a box opens around your pointer, enlarging everything inside while you continue to work. Move your cursor, and the box moves with it. All the buttons are programmable. On the downside, the mouse feels flimsy, and the main left and right buttons are mushy; depending on where they're pressed, they occasionally don't register clicks.

The desktop comes with a three-year warranty--the industry standard for desktop sets is two years--and you get free phone support for the first 90 days; after that, support costs $35 per request. Microsoft's support Web site has a searchable knowledge base, FAQs, and software updates. You can also access chat and e-mail support at the site.

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