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Melitta reshapes its classic coffee funnel to brew better cups of joe

Melitta tweaks its classic coffee funnel.


German coffee product maker Melitta says its new $20 (£16 in the UK, roughly AU$26) Signature Series Pour-Over significantly improves on one of the simplest ways to brew java. While it may look like a typical funnel dripper, the company claims the gadget has subtle improvements designed to make creating a cup of uncommonly good joe foolproof.

Melitta has sold coffee funnels for decades and even takes credit for inventing the pour-over brewer back in 1908. This latest iteration on the classic will sport a shape crafted for enhanced and consistent flavor extraction. It now has a pair of viewing windows, instead of just one, to provide better visibility of your cup and avoid over-spillage.

Of course like any pour-over brewer like the Oxo Good Grips Pour-Over and Bonavita Immersion Dripper, the Signature isn't automatic or electrically powered. That means you still have to provide a supply of hot water. For best results, I also advise measuring the amount of coffee grounds and the water you pour with a kitchen scale.

Melitta Signature Series Pour-Over at a glance

  • Price starts at $20 (£16 in the UK, roughly AU$26)
  • Uses number 2 and number 4 paper filters
  • Brews single servings into a cup
  • Comes in plastic, metal or porcelain materials
  • Expected to ship by fall 2017

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