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Print sticky notes from your phone in 5 seconds with the Neumonic

The Mangoslab Nemonic is a thermal printer for sticky notes.

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The Mangoslab Nemonic is a petite printer for Post-It notes and it's pretty damn cool. Technically it doesn't use official Post-It paper, but the sticky notes it prints are very similar.


The Nemonic is a thermal printer that exclusively prints sticky notes.

Josh Miller/CNET

Using its app you can write down notes, use a pre-loaded template, or take a photo on your phone or smart device of choice, and then print it.

The Nemonic is a thermal printer -- like the ones that print your receipts at the grocery store -- except it only prints sticky notes. It prints really fast -- around five seconds -- and only in black and white.


The Nemonic comes in four colors.

Josh Miller/CNET

Mangoslab claims that the thermal paper, which costs $4 a roll for about two hundred sticky notes and comes in 5 colors, will last 2 to 5 years without fading away.

The Nemonic is scheduled to go on sale in May or June for around $100 to $120. It'll be released in the US, Europe and Japan, and is scheduled to hit Australia and UK some time after.

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