Logitech S715i review:

Logitech S715i

Another detail worth noting--and applauding--is the absence of fitted inserts for the dock. In our experience, these things are just a waste of plastic and tend to become outdated after a new generation of gadgets comes out with updated designs. Instead, the S715i uses a truly universal dock with a 30-pin connector that swivels just enough to accommodate anything from an iPhone to our chunky, white 15GB third-generation iPod.

Logitech doesn't throw many bells and whistles into the S715i. Unlike similar portable iPhone/iPod systems, there's no FM radio, no clock, and no presets for EQ or sound enhancement. Fortunately, the S715i doesn't need any artificial enhancements to deliver great sound; also, features such as EQ, alarm clock, and (Internet) radio can be handled ably by today's iPhones and iPods.

Logitech didn't skimp entirely on extras. It company includes a carrying case and an IR remote control with basic play pause, skip, shuffle, and repeat controls with the speaker.

We can think of no other portable iPod-iPhone speaker with a price less than $200 that can match the sound quality of the Logitech S715i. It rocks. In fairness, recent systems from Altec Lansing, such as the inMotion Max and inMotion Classic, do well enough to match the S715i when it comes to the crisp detail (vocals, guitar, drums, strings) that is lacking in most budget systems. However, if you're looking for a generous helping of low-end oomph to balance out that treble fidelity, the S715i won't disappoint you.

The S715i isn't a bass-thumping, one-trick pony, either. It can handle Black Eyed Peas and Creedence Clearwater Revival with equal grace and power. In addition, if you like your music loud, this speaker has enough headroom to ruin any goodwill with your neighbors, provided you keep the system plugged in to its power adapter to maximize performance.

Running off the internal rechargeable battery, you can expect about eight hours of continuous play at a moderate volume. The freedom of going unplugged will also cut down your maximum volume level and overall sound quality compared to plug-in operation. However, don't let that stop you from taking the S715i with you to the beach, a picnic, or your next camping trip. Whatever the context, the Logitech S715i is a great all-purpose speaker for the iPod or iPhone, and an unbeatable value.

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