Linksys DMA2200 review:

Linksys DMA2200

Chugging interface aside, the 2200 lets you stream picture, audio, and video files along with watching and recording live TV (to be used in conjunction with a PC TV tuner). You can also hook into specific Internet plug-ins that reach out to the Internet for additional content. In terms of local multimedia on our network, most of the MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and WMV videos we streamed performed well. We were most impressed with the picture quality of movie files encoded with the H.264 codec. While the 2200 claims to have compatibility with XviD and DivX encoded movie files, we found that only about 50 percent of the samples tested actually streamed over. We should also note that none of the problem files had issues playing on our Media Center PC.

Unfortunately, some of the high-res media that we were able to stream over to the 2200 did not play flawlessly, with hiccups occurring almost every 10 seconds or so. The low-res movie samples we tried however played with no interference. We got the same results after using the network tuner to improve quality settings, and we fell into the "good for HD streaming" category when we measured our network connection.

Since you can only control the 2200 with the included remote control, we were a bit disappointed when it proved tedious to use. The buttons are confusingly laid out and some of them aren't even labeled.

The picture quality of the DVD player was good, performing on par with most players you'd find in a home-theater-in-a-box. Unfortunately, you cannot play anything other than DVDs and CDs in the player. Any recordable data discs with multimedia files on them will not play.

The main competitor to the Linksys DMA2200 is the Xbox 360, which also has a built-in DVD player. Media Center features are identical, but the 360's interface is smoother (thanks to its extra graphical horsepower). The 360 can also play a huge library of games, as well as access media over the network (via PC streaming) and off a USB drive or CD/DVD. That said, the 360 lacks the Linksys's built-in wireless networking, it's got a ridiculously bulky power supply, and it's often as noisy as a jet engine. (The Linksys is basically silent.)

While the DMA2200 originally listed for $350, it can now be found for less than $130 online (closer to $100 for the DMA2100). And that's pretty much the saving grace here. As it's now available at a bargain price, the Linksys is a worthwhile alternative to both to the cheapest Xbox 360 (for non-gamers, at least) and the HP MediaSmart Connect x280n. But given its limited Media Center-only compatibility, only hard-core and tech-savvy digital media fans with the latest Windows Vista hardware should even consider taking the plunge.

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