Libratone Loop

Libratone Loop wireless AirPlay speaker also plays well with Android and Windows devices

Libratone, the company that brought you the cylindrical Zipp, has given birth to another wireless speaker.

This one's circular and appropriately called the Loop (I would have preferred Ring, but Loop is OK). While it has some heft to it -- as you'd expect from a $499.95 speaker -- it's pretty compact and looks like a speaker that Bang & Olufsen would sell, which perhaps isn't so surprising when you consider that Libratone was started in Denmark but now has offices in North America nearly across the street from Bose in Framingham, Mass.

The Loop can be wall-mounted (a mount is included) or it can rest on a flat surface with the help of its built-in kickstand. Like the Zipp, the speaker has a removable Italian wool cover and can be swapped out for a different-color cover should you be willing to drop an extra $50. Initial cover color choices are Pepper Black, Salty Grey, and Raspberry Red.

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