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We take an early look at LG's WT6001HV Smart ThinQ Washer

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The question at hand with LG's WT6001HV Smart ThinQ Washer: Just how smart is it? On paper, it appears to stack up pretty evenly with its nearest rivals, the Samsung WF457 and the Whirlpool WFL98HEBU. LG's washer has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, while Samsung's has an 8-inch LCD touchscreen. LG boasts a sanitizing cycle, as does Whirlpool. The Smart ThinQ offers smartphone controls and remote alerts - so do both the Samsung and the Whirlpool. All three are similarly priced, with the Smart ThinQ coming in at $1,599, compared with $1,499 for the Samsung and $1,699 for the Whirlpool.

Meet LG's boldest, smartest washer yet. LG

But even if LG doesn't quite seem to be breaking the smart mold here, there's a lot about this washer I'm excited to test out. Smartphone controls for large appliances have been hit and miss in my experience thus far, but I like what LG is describing about the capabilities of its app. In particular, LG claims that you can easily download custom wash cycles in order to help combat specific and challenging stains. That's something that no other washer currently offers.

Design and features

From the simplistic brushed graphite steel exterior to the luxurious windowed lid to the vivid, gorgeous LCD menu, the Smart ThinQ washer might also be one of the best-looking appliances I've seen (and its companion Smart ThinQ dryer isn't bad, either). With 4.7 cubic feet of capacity, it's easily the roomiest smart washer available. Its motor, with a maximum spin speed of 1100 RPM, lags just slightly behind other smart washers, but still stands as a high quality piece of machinery, especially given the reassuring 10-year limited warranty.

The Smart ThinQ washer's colorful 7" touchscreen is one of the nicest-looking that you'll find. LG

In terms of features, there are a few in particular with the Smart ThinQ washer I'm eager to test out. LG's ColdWash technology promises to use enhanced washing motions to give you cold water savings with warm water performance, while its WaveForce cycle combines rapid drum movement and powerful water jets for a supposedly better washing and rinsing experience.

With Smart Diagnosis, the washer can serve as its own service technician when something goes wrong, figuring out the source of the problem for you and helping you and the folks at LG, if necessary, work through a solution. This would clearly be a helpful feature in the event of a major malfunction, but also something that I'd enjoy for smaller, easier fixes. The last thing you want is to waste your time making an embarrassing service call when you've simply overlooked something painfully obvious, like a loose water seal cap, or a door that isn't quite shutting all the way. If Smart Diagnosis can help alert us to those kinds of finicky, little issues, I'll be a fan.

Stay tuned here at CNET Appliances, as our full review of the Smart ThinQ washer is coming soon.

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Where to Buy

LG Smart ThinQ 4.7 CU. FT. Top Load SmartWasher

Part Number: WT6001HV

MSRP: $1,699.00

Visit manufacturer site for details.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Exterior Color graphite steel
  • Compliant Standards CSA
  • Product Type Washer
  • Loading Type top loading
  • Special Features Direct Drive motor
    Inverter technology
    adjustable water level
    auto suds removal
    custom program
    forced drain system
    liquid detergent compartment
    load detection
    tub clean
    variable temperature
    Smart Diagnosis function
    Smart ThinQ technology
    SmartRinse jet spray system
    StainCare option
    TrueBalance anti-vibration system
    Wash Plus system
    WaveForce technology
    adjustable soil level
  • Special Programs & Options BrightWhite
    Cold Clean cycle
    extra rinse
    heavy duty
    perm press
    rinse + spin
    speed wash
    spin only
    baby wear
    bulky items
    extra hot