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LG Revere 2 (Verizon Wireless) review:

Simple and chic, but not much else

However, when photos are loaded into the computer, you'll find the pictures you believed were taken in landscape mode are actually in portrait mode, and to take a photo in landscape mode, you must hold the device upright and ignore the fact that your viewfinder is showing you a vertical image.

It's an easy fix, but I find the switching of the handset orientation with the photo orientation bizarre and confusing. If you forget which is which, it can leave you with a bunch of awkward, poorly framed photos.

I tested the phone in our offices in San Francisco, and call quality was good. Calls sounded a bit muffled, and I could hear some soft static whenever someone spoke. However, volume range was respectable, I didn't hear any buzzing or extraneous noise during times of absolute silence, and none of my calls dropped. I was told that I could be heard well too, and that my voice sounded clean and clear.

The audio speaker fared a bit worse. On max volume, voices sounded incredibly harsh, and loud noises would come off sharp. Though it was indeed distracting, you could still make out what was being said.

LG Revere 2 (Verizon Wireless) call quality sample

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The handset operates on Verizon's 1X data network and as expected, connecting to the Internet is a pain as the speeds are glacial. Simply opening the browser takes an average of 12 seconds, and it usually takes about 30 to 45 seconds to load bare-bones skeletal versions of the CNET and The New York Times news sites.

What's really frustrating is that if you want to go to a new site while viewing a page that's already open, you can't simply enter the new URL somewhere. Instead, you have to choose from the menu option that you want to go to a new site, and the browser will load another Web site that consists of a text box where you type in the URL. This is incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and unnecessary.

During our battery drain test, the phone lasted 7.32 hours and had a respectable battery life. With minimal usage, it can go days without a charge. Its 1,000mAh battery has a reported talk time of 7 hours and a standby time of 26.25 days. According to the FCC, the Revere has an SAR rating of 0.78W/kg.

The LG Revere 2 definitely has some things going for it, like its sleek metal look and competitively low price.

Unfortunately, it has too many pitfalls working against it. The browser takes painstakingly long to load even the most rudimentary pages, the phone's measly camera takes poor photos, and on top of that, the camera itself transposes its landscape and portrait modes.

Instead of the Revere 2, I suggest getting the Samsung Convoy 2 instead. It may be older and $40 more expensive (currently, it's $119.99), but it's worth it. Not only does it have the same flip-phone construction, but it also has a better 3-megapixel camera, its flash doubles as a flashlight, and it has a microSD card slot that can store up to 32GB of additional memory for things like photos.

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