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LG N1T1 NAS with DVD ReWrite review:

LG N1T1 NAS with DVD ReWrite

The device's internal hard drive is formatted into two separate partitions; the first in Linux, the other in the NTFS (Windows) file system. The former is to be used only with the device's NAS functionality and only the latter is accessible when the device works as an external hard drive.

You can change the size these two partitions, but the NTFS one can't be larger than 40 percent of the internal hard drive's total amount of storage. Data stored on the Linux partition is not available when the device is used as an external hard drive. However, data stored on the NTFS partition is available even when the device is used as a NAS drive. When used as an external DVD burner, the device's internal storage is not accessible at all.

With this design, the LG N1T1 is best used as a NAS server when all of its internal storage is available to the users. The DVD burner is best used to back up the NAS's internal data.

The LG NAS server supports both Windows and Mac platforms. You can browse its share folders using a network browser, such as Windows Explorer. On a Mac, the NAS server will automatically appear in Finder. As a NAS server, the LG supports Time Machine and you can turn on this support using the storage space on either of the partitions. Once turned on, a Mac running OS 10.4 or later can immediately use storage space on the NAS server as a destination for its Time Machine backup feature.

The LG N1T1 NAS server supports multiple user accounts with the admin user able to assign access privileges of each user to any particular share folders. The server also has a file browser that allows for accessing its share folders via a Web browser; thus making it simple to accessing its data over the Internet.

The NAS server's special features include support for DLNA media streaming protocol and iTunes. It also supports BitTorrent downloads.

The LG N1T1 performed well in our test as a NAS server. The device registered 243.8Mbps and 387.5Mbps in the write and read tests, respectively, meaning that among single-volume NAS servers, it was about average on the write test and the fastest on the read test. For comparison, the HP MediaSmart LX195, which earned our Editors' Choice award thanks to its great performance, scored 279.6Mbps and 380.4Mbps for the write and read tests, respectively.

The LG didn't do as well when working as an external hard drive. At 17.6MBps and 24.8MBps for the write and read test, respectively, it was the slowest among recently reviewed external drives. To make up for this, the LG N1T1 worked very quietly during our testing and remained cool, even during heavy loads.

External hard drive performance
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

NAS performance
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
LG N1T1 (Single Volume)

Service and support
The LG 1TB 1-Bay N1T1 Network Storage with DVD ReWriter ships with a short one-year warranty. You probably won't need much support for it, but the company's toll-free technical support is available 24-7. At the company's Web site, you can also e-mail or chat online with a support representative and browse a knowledge base.

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