LG Muziq LX570 - black (Sprint) review:

LG Muziq LX570 - black (Sprint)

As indicated by its name, the LG Muziq is primarily a music phone. Its external music player controls on the front certainly make that clear, and even though we had issues with the touch-sensitivity of the keys, we really like music phones that have the controls right on the outside. The music player interface is closely tied to the Sprint Music Store, so you can simultaneously download songs to your PC and wirelessly to the phone. You can also use Sprint's Sync Manager software (PC-only, however) and the included USB cable to transfer songs from your computer to the phone. Songs are automatically grouped by title, artists, and genres, and you can create your own playlist if you wish. The interface is rather generic and plain, but at least you can do things like repeat songs or put them on shuffle. But you're not tied to just MP3s for music choices. Thanks to the Muziq's compatibility with Sprint's broadband network, you'll also get access to streaming radio from Pandora, which is an online music service, plus Sirius satellite radio.

Thankfully, the LG Muziq comes with an airplane mode, so you can still listen to music with the phone's calling functions turned off. Another neat trick of the Muziq is that you can send the music player to the background, so you can multitask (for instance, scrolling through your contacts list or sending a text message) while listening to music. However, do note that the music player will pause when accessing certain applications such as the camera, the Web browser, Sprint's On Demand application, and Sprint TV. When you exit the app, the music will resume where it left off. The LG Muziq even comes with a built-in FM transmitter that lets you stream your music wirelessly through your car stereo or any other FM radio within 10 feet. If you prefer to use your own headphones, you're in luck, since the LG Muziq comes with a 3.5mm-jack headset adapter. The adapter has a microphone attached to it, so you can make and receive calls with it too.

LG Muziq
The LG Muziq has just mediocre photo quality.

As we mentioned, the LG Muziq has EV-DO support. This means it has full access to Sprint's mobile broadband network and a wide array of Sprint 3G services. There's Sprint's Power Vision with its streaming video services, Sprint TV, which offers movie trailers and programming from channels such as MTV and Cartoon Network, plus Sprint Movies, which delivers full-length pay-per-view movies to your cell phone. We're not convinced that you'd really want to watch a two-hour movie on such a small screen, but at least you'll have the option. One of Sprint's services that we really liked was the On Demand service that provides you instant access to information like news, stocks, sports, and weather updates, completely localized to your zip code.

Even though the LG Muziq is all about music, it comes with a camera too. The 1.3-megapixel camera can take pictures in three resolutions (1,280x960, 640x480, 320x240), three quality settings, brightness and white balance controls, flash, and four color modes, plus you have the choice of four shutter sounds or no sound at all. The camcorder mode records clips in two lengths: 30 seconds for video mail, and in a regular video, for as long as there's available memory. You can record video in two resolutions (176x144 and 128x96), and it has similar editing options as the still camera. Photos taken unfortunately had a slight orange tinge to them, but there is an "image enhancer" option in the phone that improves the quality somewhat. Video quality was similarly disappointing, with jerky and blurry imagery, but that's to be expected from a camera phone.

Personalization options are plentiful with the LG Muziq. You can customize it with a variety of screensavers, clock styles, sounds, alerts, and wallpaper, with the option to buy more from Sprint's store. The LG Muziq comes with five games: Midnight Bowling, and demo versions of Ms. Pac-Man, Rock Empire, Tetris, and the World Series of Poker. If you wish to download more, you can always purchase them via the Muziq's Web browser.

We tested the dual-band, dual-mode (CDMA 800/1900; EV-DO) LG Muziq in San Francisco using the Sprint service. Call quality was excellent when talking via the handset--callers sounded crisp and clear, and they reported little to no fuzziness on their end. It still sounded as if we were talking on a cell phone, but not excessively so. Speakerphone quality was a different matter--we thought it sounded a little low, and callers said we sounded rather muffled and had to ask us to speak up. We paired the LG Muziq with the Plantronics Pulsar 260 stereo Bluetooth headset and are pleased to report that we managed to stream music wirelessly successfully.

EV-DO speeds on the LG Muziq really make surfing the Web a dream. Pages loaded in mere seconds, the streaming video wasn't pixelated, and there was hardly any rebuffering. Music quality was admirable as well, though songs still sounded a little faded and tinny. The LG Muziq is great for a quick music hit, but we would still prefer a dedicated music player instead.

The LG Muziq has a rated battery life of 4 hours of talk time and as long as 10 hours of music-only mode. Our talk time tests revealed the LG Muziq has a talk time of 4 hours and 22 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, the LG Muziq has a digital SAR rating of 1.22 watts per kilogram.

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