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LG L1150 (AT&T) review:

LG L1150 (AT&T)

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Say cheese: Self-portraits are a snap with the small mirror.

Like so many phones these days, the L1150 comes with a built-in VGA camera. Shots can be taken in five resolutions (640x480, 320x240, 160x120, 128x160, and 45x80); mostly, they are par for the course, but there are a number of image-control settings. You get a multiple-shot (up to nine pictures in succession), white balance, brightness control, image effect, and a 2X digital zoom. These options are a nice way to tweak photos on the handset, but as with most camera phones, the overall picture quality wasn't anything we would want to print out. There's also a choice of three shutter sounds, plus a silent option. Once finished, photos can be saved to the handset's memory, stored as wallpaper, paired with contacts, or sent via a multimedia message.

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The L1150's photo quality was average for a camera phone.

Web access and applications come through via AT&T's mMode service and WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser, which delivers GPRS data transmission. The phone isn't loaded with any games or applications, but you can download them from mMode for a fee. The screen can be customized with five built-in wallpaper choices, or you can download more, along with ring tones.

We tested the triband GSM (850/1800/1900; GPRS) LG L1150 in New York City on AT&T Wireless's network. The service and call quality were only so-so. Several times, our service was limited to emergency calls because of poor signal quality. What's more, it was hard to hear callers when we were talking on crowded streets, even with the volume set to maximum.

Talk time on the mobile was 3.5 hours, effectively meeting the rated 3.6 hours. On standby, the phone lasted six days without requiring a recharge, well short of the promised nine days. Although previous LG models, such as the VX4500, use a docking station, the LG L1150 comes with an easy-to-manage travel charger. According to the FCC, the L1150 has a digital SAR rating of 1.45 watts per kilogram.

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